Pre-Algebra/Algebra Grade 8 Math QISS/QCIE

2018 - 2019



Mr. John Lenhart

Time and Location

A Day Block 2 (QCIE) and Block 3 (QISS)

Room 308

Contact Information

Homework Resources;


Welcome to Pre-Algebra/Algebra Grade 8 Math.  This class will have a heavy emphasis on material taught in Pre-Algebra and an introduction to Algebra.  Class time and/or homework for students will focus on practicing core functions such as developing fluency for rational number computations, so that students are able to understand and manipulate more complex concepts in the future. Students will find a solution of general one-variable linear equations, including cases with infinitely many solutions or no solutions as well as cases requiring algebraic manipulation using properties of operations. Students will learn to fluently solve problems involving volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres so that they will have a well-developed set of geometric measurement skills.  In Grade 8 Math, we will also learn the Common Core standards for Pre-Algebra/Algebra through project-based learning and inquiry lessons.  My expectation for each student is that they come to class prepared to explore their world using mathematics. My goal for each class is for every student to learn and retain the skills necessary to be successful in our class, and then use those skills to better predict what will happen in the world around them.


Chapter 1: Algebraic Expressions and Integers

Chapter 7:Solving Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 2: Solving One-step Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 8:Linear Functions and Graphing

Chapter 3:Decimals and Equations

Chapter 9:Spatial Thinking

Chapter 4:Factors, Fractions and Exponents

Chapter 10:Area and Volume and Right Triangles in Algebra

Chapter 5: Operations with Fractions

Chapter 11:Data Analysis and Probability

Chapter 6:Ratios, Proportions and Percents

Chapter 12:Nonlinear Functions and Polynomials

I anticipate covering 3 units each quarter.Units of study include:




Behavior and Homework Expectations:

Classroom behavior expectations will follow closely along with our school’s mission statement and PBIS responsibilities found in the Student Handbook.  To ensure that the classroom environment is a safe one, where students feel confident expressing their opinions and learning from each other’s perspectives, this class has one rule: respect.  Students are expected to respect their teacher, their classmates, and themselves.  If students can abide by this one rule, it will foster learning in the classroom and be the foundation of their character in the years ahead.  Disrespect will not be tolerated.


All homework assignments will be shared in IXL, Schoology or WeChat.  If a student loses a homework assignment, they can request another copy or possibly a digital copy.  I expect that homework will be completed on time and will be creative, clear, and legible. Students are responsible for coming to class prepared each day.  That means having a pencil, a notebook for only this class, and a folder or binder for only this class.  There will be days where students are asked to bring their laptops or use their mobile device if they have one.




Academic Dishonesty:

Students may not give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment. Students will be held to the expectations and actions included in the Procedures for Academic Integrity found in the QISS Student Handbook.



Classroom Procedures:

The only other expectation is that students be respectful to all people and property in room 308 at all times. For example, that includes but is not limited to:

§Arriving on time and prepared every day, with completed homework and assignments

§Respectfully following directions in class and on assignments; submitting quality work

§Giving the teacher your attention when the teacher is talking

§Being considerate when other classmates are speaking

§Cleaning up your area before you leave and making sure all trash makes it to their designated locations.

§Even if it is not yours, pick it up and do something with it.  Leave the class better than you found it

§Help the teacher, the class, and yourself by offering to help… turning on/off the lights, handing out things like highlighters and readings, …

§Sitting in your seat when the bell rings, working on the warm-up.  Do not pack up to leave until asked to do so

§Listen, listen, listen!  Follow instructions, then ask your questions

§Phones are collected upon arrival in the classroom.  Phones may only be used with specific permission from the instructor



Student Expectations:

READY: Focused and alert | Bring required materials | Assigned work completed | In your assigned seat when the bell rings

RESPECTFUL: Observe classroom safety guidelines | Honor commonalities and celebrate differences | Support and encourage classmates | Use appropriate language at appropriate times

RELENTLESS: Complete all assignments on time and with integrity | Give your best effort | Open to feedback and capitalize on opportunities to improve



What You Should Expect from Me

§I will have important, relative, interesting, and organized lessons prepared every day.

§I will give minimal homework over the weekends, and do my best to avoid giving tests on Mondays.

§I will have your work graded and given back to you in a timely manner, usually with comments.

§I will be objective in my instruction and encourage open and critical minds, expecting students to learn, engage and expand their ideas of mathematics and to apply them to their everyday lives. 



Assessments and Grading:

The course will be taught over the entire year with students receiving grades each academic quarter.  The grades will be reported using the A-F system with a percentage given out of 100%. Both formative (homework, papers, quizzes, daily participation) and summative (authentic projects, key assignments, exams) assessment tasks will be given that assess both content and skill mastery. 


Formative Assessments: 60% (homework, participation, quiz)

Summative Assessments: 40% (exam, project, assignment)


I am excited about this year and very much look forward to teaching this course.Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns throughout the year.



Thank you,



John Lenhart